Janitorial Service

If the job is relatively simple a start up company can probably do it. Although a start up company may provide you with a lower bid, they are still at a disadvantage if they lack the experience to do some jobs correctly. Experience counts when choosing a janitorial service! If you ever ask them to do any work above and beyond the basic service you contracted for in the beginning, be aware you may be providing them with paid training to do something they have never done before. It is most often best if they already have another office cleaning contract in Fort Myers. If you have carpet in your office you may consider choosing a janitorial service in Fort Myers who also specializes in cleaning carpets.

In janitorial service as with any business, the people and business get more efficient as they apply their experience. The effectiveness also increases. Hiring a start up or discount janitor service, or one that has not been in business in Ft. Myers for long may end up being a headache for you rather than providing a relief. Without years of experience in Fort Myers fly-by-night janitorial services can leave you with an incomplete job… or worse. Often times businesses in Fort Myers hire AmeriClean for their janitorial services and the only time to clean their office is after hours. Would you trust the keys to YOUR office to a janitorial cleaning company who doesn’t have a reputation in Fort Myers?

Take into account if you are paying them piece rate or hourly. If you are paying a service hourly, you need to be extra cautious about hiring a start-up. If you are paying piece rate, it shouldn’t matter that much how long they take to get the job done correctly (as long as it’s clean in the morning when you get there). However, it will probably be a good idea to get secondary bids for other services you wish them to perform outside of their normal contract duties. And this may or may not be worth the hassle. If you get a good janitorial service off the bat that has a lot of experience in regular duties as well as many other areas of service, you will save a lot of time whenever you need additional services performed.

Of course when you are running a small business the bottom line is very important; however remember that price isn’t the only factor to consider in seeking a Fort Myers janitorial service since you normally get what you pay for. Dependability, responsibility, honesty, and quality cleaning standards are most desirable. You can often achieve this by getting good references and checking up on that. AmeriClean has a full list of references with phone numbers for janitorial service customers all across Fort Myers and the greater Southwest Florida area.

Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Office Cleaning

Home or Office Tile and Grout Cleaning

Indoor janitorial pressure cleaning

Commercial Hard Floor Care

commercial hard floor care for businesses

Hard Floor Stripping and Waxing

office hard floor stripping and waxing

Leather & Cloth Furniture Cleaning

janitorial leather furniture cleaning in fort myers, FL

Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning

Wood floor and laminate floor cleaning

Commercial 2-Step Carpet Cleaning

janitorial cleaning of office carpets

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

Home Carpet Cleaning

Don’t go for the standard hot water extraction alone…

A standard hot water extraction IS the tried and true carpet cleaning method. However, after 26 years experience, we at AmeriClean have determined the best method of cleaning carpets is a hybrid method. We use a deep scrubbing technology that is gentle on your carpet but hard on dirt. After the soft scrubbing we then use the hot water extraction to remove all the losened and captive dirt from your carpet.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Janitorial Office Cleaning

AmeriClean has been servicing Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples businesses for all their janitorial needs for the past 26 years. Many of our clients have been appreciating our janitorial office cleaning services for over a DECADE! Call us today and see the difference between our professional office cleaning and other fly-by-night discount cleaning companies. Our Janitorial Services include: Janitorial Restroom Service, Hard Surface Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Trash Collection, Glass Cleaning, Dusting and more…

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Hard Floor Stripping and Waxing Can Make Your Floors Look Like New!
After years of wear and tear, and layers of wax piling up call AmeriClean to have your vinyl, linoleum, VCT, laminate or seamless vinyl floors stripped and waxed. This will get the flooring back down to its bare base, removing all the built up mess. Once all the wax and mess has been stripped away, AmeriClean then applies multiple layers of wax to seal the base layer.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Commercial Floor Care

Vinyl, Vct, Ceramic, Stone, Marble, Quarry tile, Wood, Laminate, you name it we’ll make it look new again.

Keeping your hard floor beautiful and like new is difficult in the Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral areas. Beacuse of our climate our homes’ hard floors take a lot of abuse. AmeriClean can handle any of your hard floor needs. Whether its a thorough cleaning, a hard floor strip and wax, or simply a clean and shine AmeriClean’s 26 years of cleaning and maintaning hard flooring in homes and business across Southwest Florida provides them the knowledge to do your hard floor cleaning job right.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Hard Floor Stripping & Waxing

Hard Floor Stripping and Waxing Can Make Your Work Floors Look Like New!
After years of wear and tear, and layers of wax piling up call AmeriClean to have your vinyl, linoleum, VCT, laminate or seamless vinyl floors stripped and waxed. This will get the flooring back down to its bare base, removing all the built up mess. Once all the wax and mess has been stripped away, AmeriClean then applies multiple layers of wax to seal the base layer.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Leather and Cloth Furniture Cleaning

You would be surprised how much life is left in your furniture…
Life for leather furniture in Fort Myers and Naples is tough. The humidity that leaks into homes every time the door is opened can add more strain to the leather furniture you spent your hard earned dollars on. On Sanibel Island, the high salt level in the air makes it near impossible to keep clean leather furniture outside. Many people don’t consider the fact that their leather and cloth upholstered furniture can be cleaned and kept up adding years to their life. AmeriClean hand cleans leather and cloth upholstered furniture to help remove caked on dirt, dead skin, pet hair and dander, those dried up spills. Call AmeriClean today to have your furniture looking years younger.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

Upon stripping and refinishing of your flooring the manufacturers recommend an ongoing maintenance program. Your flooring is designed and manufactured with this in mind. Your flooring must have regular professional attention. Whether it is done in-house or by AmeriClean, it simply must be done.

The following is a description of manufacturers’ recommendations:

  1. The most cost effective way to maintain your flooring is by a process known as a monthly machine scrubbing followed by recoating (or scrub and recoat). This is done by a thorough sweeping and dust mopping of the floor followed by a machine cleaning with a specific product formulated for this purpose. This will thoroughly clean the floor finish without removing it. Following the machine cleaning, the floor is then triple rinsed followed by an application of one coat of SC Johnson floor finish. The type of floor finish depends on your specific needs. This process needs to be performed a minimum of once per month. Your situation may require more than this process alone.
  2. If your situation calls for more than the minimum, the next step above the monthly scrub and recoat is to do a bi-monthly scrub and recoat. This will provide substantially more cleaning and protection for your flooring without severely increasing your costs.
  3. If your situation calls for something even more specialized, a customized floor maintenance program can be designed for you. Many medical, retail and high-end office buildings require more than the minimum manufacturers’ requirements. Yours may be more of a high speed type of program. For these situations we can combine various types of floor finish along with daily or weekly burnishing services, scrubbing and recoating and restoring.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning has benefited greatly from technology. As with other industries advancements in equipment, chemistry, technique have made this a very specialized field.

In the 25 years we have been in business we have update our equipment and chemicals numerous times. AMERI-CLEAN uses state of the art hardware, top shelf cleaning agents, comprehensive spotting kits, and certified cleaning technicians to give you the most complete carpet cleaning services available.

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696

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Our Cleaning Mission:

With a wealth of expert knowledge about the proper techniques for all types of commercial and residential cleaning and janitorial services, you can relax knowing that all of our cleaning professionals have undergone extensive training and are fully bonded and insured. Ameri-Clean is dedicated to help you protect the health of your home and office, elevate your corporate image, reduce safety hazards, minimize costs, improve employee morale, and protect the environment.



Michael Bermudez

General Manager

Michael has been in the cleaning industry for 26 years and has been part of the Ameri-Clean team for over 12 years. He’s bilingual, English & Spanish. He is certified with IICRC. (The Institure of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certificate.) Mike is an invaluable member of the Ameri-Clean team, customers who deal with him on a daily basis all say he’s very professional and a pleasure to work with.


Mel Gibson


Ameri-Clean was founded by Mel Gibson in 1986, right here in Southwest Florida. Mel is originally from Indianapolis, but has called Ft. Myers home for over 25 years. He knows what it takes to get the job done because he personally did every single cleaning job himself, for quite a long time. From floor tiles to ceiling tiles he’s been meeting your needs for a quarter of a century. If you want the answer to your cleaning problem call or Email Us Mel Gibson today, he answers every phone call himself. Then you can tell people that you spoke to Mel Gibson!

Fort Myers: 239-936-3334 or Naples: 239-596-9696



Drop off your leather furniture or area rugs today!

2420 Concorde Dr #6
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: (239) 936-3334
Naples: (239) 596-9696


Choosing a quality Fort Myers janitorial service

When you first sit down to find a good janitor service, did anyone ask the question “What janitor service or services do you specifically need?” Do you need one of the carpet cleaning companies or is it a Janitorial company that will provide an office cleaning contract? The first step is to make two separate lists.

On the first list: Write down the minimum services you need for your business. For example you may need vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, etc.

On the second list: List of all the additional services you would like the janitor service company or people to offer. Perhaps you would like them to offer carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning. If one specific company does not offer some items such as these it doesn’t mean you won’t hire them. You can always hire a separate company to do these specific things when they are needed.

When you call and talk to different janitor service companies, keep the lists with you and remember to ask the questions. Keep track of each janitor service that can meet your needs on a written sheet. On that sheet record the name of the company, the phone number, the date you made the contact and the name of the person you spoke with. Some companies specialize in their service. A company may only service hospitals or manufacturing plants for instance. Since this is the first step, weed out any janitor service company that can not meet your business needs or standards.

Set appointments with from 2 to 5 companies to get from them an accurate written estimate for their services. We suggest a minimum of 2 companies, and a maximum of five. It may be a good idea to ask other local businesses or associates whom they higher, and who they would recommend. Be sure when you do make a decision, that the company is reputable and can meet the needs of your business. It is also a good business practice to thank those people who gave a positive reference for the company you hire after they have proven that they are good for you a well.

Why hire a Janitorial Service for your Fort Myers office…

Why Hire Janitorial Contractors, Handyman, And Other Outsourced Facility Service Providers?

Outsourcing your facility services means more than just finding quality janitorial contractors to clean your facilities. It’s a strategic business decision with many great benefits. And it all comes down to a single bottom-line: making your business better. Outsourcing your facility services can give you a competitive advantage by providing the time you need to help you grow your business and outshine your competition.Focus On Your Core CompetencyYour business provides specialized products and/or services. Each business function that does not directly support, develop or improve your products/services – like facility services – can be outsourced. For example, outsourcing your business’s cleaning needs to janitorial contractors allows you and your team to concentrate on your core competencies and mission-critical objectives, not cleaning your facility.

Reduce Costs

Cost-savings alone can be a good enough reason for businesses to outsource tasks like cleaning to janitorial contractors. As you well know, retaining in-house employees is a very expensive endeavor, and in-house facility services personnel are no exception. What value do these employees add to your core business function? The answer is most likely little to none. But you still have to pay for those individuals’ payroll tax, salary and benefits package (insurance, 401(k), vacation and sick pay, etc.), not to mention numerous indirect costs like tools and equipment, management, and training.Outsourcing your cleaning services to janitorial contractors and other similar services to a contracted facility services provider can help you control operating costs and establish a budget, freeing up capital that can be invested in your core business at a higher rate of return.

A Janitorial Contractor Offers Expertise

Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, outsourced facility service providers are highly specialized companies, whether they be janitorial contractors, landscapers, or mechanical maintenance contractors/handymen. They have the experience and expertise to manage your facility better than you do because it’s what they do. And they are always at the forefront of technological advancements in their industry, ensuring that clients are receiving the best efficiencies in facility operations.An outsourced facility services provider, such as a janitorial contractor, affords you a higher level of service at a lower cost, bringing world-class capabilities to your facility not otherwise available from in-house resources.


Another word for scalability: flexibility. Outsourcing lets you easily adjust the level of staffing for facility operations on an as-needed basis, helping you control operating costs and easily adjust for changes in staffing and service requirements.

Fort Myers Janitorial and Office Cleaning Service

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning Fort Myers

In the cleaning industry, a cleaning company which you may hire is commonly referred to as a BUILDING SERVICE CONTRACTOR or BSC for short. You have many choices when choosing a method of maintaining your building. There are primarily four different categories from which to choose.

  1. Service your facility in-house
  2. Service your facility with a Class “C” BSC.
  3. Service your facility with a Class “B” BSC.
  4. Service your facility with a Class “A” BSC.

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When dealing with a Class “C” BSC (commonly known as the low-baller) most companies choose these types of services based strictly on price. Performance is usually very inconsistent, and many times non-existent. Trying to reach someone by telephone usually results in an answering machine or voice mail with no call returned. These types of services never allow enough time to properly clean a facility. Supervision is minimal and employee turnover is high. Pilferage is not uncommon among these types of services because of the high turnover and lack of proper screening.

Pay rates are lower with these companies, which makes it difficult for them to attract the quality of personnel needed to properly service your facility. The irony of this type of setup is that when someone hires a class “C” company in an attempt to cut costs they now pay $500 per month for a job that should cost $750 per month. However, when only fifteen to twenty percent of the job is complete, suddenly $500 per month becomes quite expensive. This is the common scenario among Class “C” BSC’s.

When dealing with a Class “B” BSC, which encompasses most BSC’s, you overcome some of these issues. Pilferage is not as common with a Class “B” service. However, it is not non-existent. Performance is improved as long as the Owner or Manager is present on the job each and every time. When a complaint arises and the BSC is contacted many times the Supervisor or Manger for your building is out on another job or cannot take your call. Reaching someone in person who handles your account is usually very difficult.

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Most Class “B” services allow more time than Class C services but still not enough. The most common complaints with Class “B” services include inconsistent quality, excessive absenteeism, frequent personnel changes and door locking and/or alarm problems. Most companies choose a Class “B” service over a Class “C” service for the obvious reasons, all the while knowing that a Class “A” service is what they desire. Once a company is fed up with the problems and headaches with these services is when they look to the fourth and final choice. When dealing with a Class “A” BSC suddenly all of these problems disappear. Performance and quality are unsurpassed.

Quality of personnel is of the highest standard because pay rates are higher and supervision and training is state of the art. Extensive background checks, qualifications and job history verification assures you that only the best will be servicing your facility. When the occasion arises involving an issue that needs extra attention, the Class “A” BSC, will answer your phone call in-person. With a Class “A” BSC you will have many sources of communication including office telephone, fax, cellular telephone and pager, all of which are answered personally by the company, not an answering service or machine.

Class “A” services take into account the total time needed to make your facility look the way it should. We have the qualifications and tools that only years of experience in the business can provide. All of our personnel have cellular phones on them in order to remain in constant contact with management. Absenteeism is simply not an issue. Inconsistent quality is not an issue. Pricing for a Class A service usually varies little from a Class B service. As a matter of fact, when you look at what you get for your money, there is simply no comparison.

If you’re like most companies, you are fed up with excuses and empty promises from your BSC. If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. However, many companies tolerate a level of cleanliness at work which they would never tolerate in their own homes. To create a positive work environment you and your employees need and deserve a clean and well maintained workplace.

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